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pilyavets at gmail dot com

2008-08-03 16:14:42

Dear author, At first, thank you for the support of this project. Right now I browsed my cgd partitions on the disk created in NetBSD 3.0. Unfortunatelly, kernel often dropped to debugger or just hanged without any reason. Due to one of them I lost a lot of my useful data on the disk (superblock became corrupted). Another thing, which probably is the same connected with write permissions to any media. Usually, system hanged when I try to write any data to any normal disk or USB device after boot from jibbed. Also, it was reproducible for me, that after correct mount of my USB flash device and copying file to it I have file on flash with zero size (after umount). Finally I forced the system to copy some file to USB flash using options -w and -o sync. However, normal mount without options already should be writable. Hardvare is laptop HP Pavilion dv6000. I also installed on it latest NetBSD-current and it looks like work fine. I don't have any idea about problem origin, this can be specific options you used to construct this LiveDVD or just broken NetBSD-current version used. In any case, if you are interested in this problem or have your opinion on it let me know. Cheers. Oleg Pilyavets email:


2008-06-23 12:00:30

Hi and thanks++ for this LiveCD... My hard disk just crashed and I have to wait for replacement... This disk just works fine in the meantime (and that's a big plus since it's the first livecd that works out of the box on this laptop)


2007-08-30 00:35:48

FABULOUS! It works great! Quick note: if you're using the second CD-ROM unit to boot from, you must give it cd1a for root and cd1b for dump, as it expects cd0a and cd0b. Otherwise, great job!


2007-08-27 20:50:02

Keep up the great work.


2007-06-29 12:06:31

If you want to do any local changes in the config file of XFree or icewm you can then easly reinitialize X pressing ALT+CTRL+Backspace and start it again with startx. Your new changes will be then kept. This can be usefull for users who want to change the keyboard encoding or maybe the desktop background.


2007-06-29 12:02:11

por 100!


2007-06-26 09:09:41

Sir! I have tried NetBSD before, but winds up drowned by all the must-knows of how to make it work. So for me a live-CD sounds great. A live-CD that can be loaded onto my harddisk even better. A program that intuitively lets me download and integrate new programs into NetBSD (like GIMP, VLC...) sounds like heaven. Yours sinc: Magnus Svantesson Stockholm/Sweden


2007-06-10 22:14:40

Nice! Keep up the good work. :) ps.: the site is also very stylish.


2007-05-12 12:38:15

Nice work zafer. Thanks for all your effort you put on NetBSD.

2007-05-01 08:47:18

Great LiveCD!


2007-04-16 21:28:24

Hey! Lade mir gerade das Image runter. Endlich mal wieder eine *BSD Live CD :) Viel Erfolg!

aeichmann at nbnet dot de

2007-04-07 12:16:45

zafer at aydogan dot de sorry my English... Das ist die beste NetBSD-LiveCD, die mir in die Finger gekommen ist. Ich wünsche Zafer Aydogan, daß er den gleichen Erfolg haben wird wie Klaus Knopper mit KNOPPIX.


2007-04-01 22:20:41

that's great!