Announcing Jibbed 6.0

Hello and welcome back to NetBSD 6. The new version of the LiveCD is ready for download. My extreme lack of time has delayed the release announcement roughly two months. The image was already built on November 2nd. A novelty is that this release contains only an image for 64 bit systems (amd64). Everything else remains the same. Check out the video I've made.

Jibbed is a bootable LiveCD based on the NetBSD Operating System that works directly from a CD without need for a hard drive. Automatic hardware detection provides support for a wide variety of graphics cards, sound cards, network interfaces, and USB devices. This LiveCD showcases a complete NetBSD environment, including compiler sets, and provides features like tmpfs to simulate read-write access on read-only media. The capabilities range from use by experts as a rescue environment to first-time users learning Unix. The LiveCD runs fine in VirtualBox, VMware or QEMU.

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Feel free to download Jibbed 6.0